Brand Statement

Is your brand lacking the “it” factor? I have the creativity fueled and inspired by imagination, originality, and hard work to help you bring “it”!

My brand statement was tailored to attract the audience to my services. It captures attention by asking the audience a question to start. The question is quickly followed by statement that describes the qualities, skills, and services that my brand can offer. This allows for the audience to get an idea of what I could provide whether or not their answer to my question was a yes.

When creating brand statement I took a few steps to ensure my statement will leave a positive impact on my audience. First, I tailored the statement to make the audience think they are missing something. The best way to do so was to ask them a question. After asking the question, I had to format the statement to reveal three main aspects of my brand:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I do?
  • What am I looking for?

When considering these three questions, I wanted to be as genuine as possible while delivering the answers is a cultivating and memorable way. I realized that my best attribute is my creativity. I tend to think out-side-the box and use my imaginative mind to inspire creativity. This stems from my experience in graphic design as I have studied graphic design and currently working as a graphic designer as well.

I also wanted to make sure that I mentioned my work ethic. I am very passionate and competitive in everything that I do, whether it’s athletically through sports or creatively on the job. I work hard to make sure I can bring my best to all aspects in life.


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