Light-Beam Experiment

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.23.10 PM

The image above is a representation of the last 20 minutes of my Internet browsing. The Light-Beam Firefox add-on was able to track all the sites that I visited as well as, third-party sites, connections between sites, cookies, and could have also potentially tracked blocked and watched sites.

Throughout the 20 minutes I visited 9 sites. Two of those sites were social media sites (facebook and twitter). As I was scrolling through my social feeds I came across basketball posts and links, which then connected me to From there I visited a basketball form to catch up on my Toronto Raptors news and found a link of a basketball podcast, which I streamed and listened to while continuing my browsing adventure. I then switched over to the CBS sports website to check out some NFL news before all the games on Sunday.

The shocking thing that the Light-Beam add-on shows is the heavy amount of third party sites that connect to the sites you visit. I had never realized how connected the web truly is. After using Light-Beam I feel slightly less secure when using the Internet as it seems like there are many potential sources that can access my information without my knowledge. The vast connections between sites can be dangerous if you visit a site that is not very credible. Light-Beam also illustrate the ease in which your every move can be tracked. All your moves and information can be easily traced, analyzed, and studied.

All in all, the Light-Beam add-on shined a light how connected, traceable, and potentially dangerous browsing through the Internet can really be.


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